Values, Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world in which societies live more peacefully together. A world where equality between individuals is greater and discrimination lesser.

In order to approach this vision, we empower children and youth in difficult life situations. We reach this through actively engaging them in the windsurfing sport and providing them with a healthy social environment. Our working approach is based on our core organizational values. They guide every step we do. These values are in specific:

Independence: We work independently from others and follow our set goals without external interference

Impartiality: We are not affiliated to any ideology, group or religion. In our project countries we remain politically neutral and we are not biased towards or affiliated with specific segments of the host society.

Ownership & participation: We believe that it is important to put as much project responsibility into local hands as possible. The children and youth are not only beneficiaries in our programs but become actively engaged in running the project.

Empowerment: All individuals regardless of their social, ethnic, religious or national background have the right to make their own decisions and control their own lives.

Community Leadership: Efforts to build peaceful communities should be initiated by their young members. Change starts in the minds of the young generation.

Sustainability: Sustainability of our work is achieved mainly through Community Leadership. As agents of change, children are able to later on apply their skills and knowledge in their community.

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