To our surfers in Germany: Donations needed!

Like many of us you might have (wind)surf equipment which you don´t want to use anymore. Maybe since long you have been thinking to replace your old board with a new one. Then this year is the right time to say goodbye to your used equipment!

We are starting our social windsurf project in Lebanon: We would like to give refugee children and underprivileged youth the opportunity to learn our sport. And YOU can support us! Donate your board, your sails, booms, wetsuit, harness or your swimwear. Everything is needed to provide children and youth there with the opportunity to become engaged windsurfers and water sports professionals. The only condition: The equipment must be safe – children in Lebanon will do their first steps in windsurfing with your gear.

If you would like to support us, please write us an e-mail to

Your e-mail should contain:

  • Detailed description and number of each item
  • Your address
  • Your possibility to organize a transport of your equipment to the Düsseldorf area or if we  should pick it up at your home
  • Date (if any) until which you would like to get rid of your equipment

We plan to organize a container to ship the things in this year, yet we are not able to inform you about a specific date yet. It depends very much on the quantity of donations we receive and how we proceed with our partner organizations. We will definitely not collect your material before we are not 100 percent sure that the project will start running – We will keep you updated!

Once your donated surf material is in use you will receive a photography of the children utilizing your items.

We thank you already for EACH donation! Have a good surf!

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